DRY EYE SYNDROME: WHEN YOUR EYES NEED ‘OILING’ – Part Three (Diagnosis and Treatment)

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Continued from part two…


Confirming if you have and to the extent of your Dry Eyes

When you experience a combination of the symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome, there will be a great need to get your eyes examined by a qualified optometrist. The process for diagnosing Dry Eye Syndrome is fast and painless. Your doctor may ask you to describe your symptoms after which you undergo some  certain tests.

  • A careful examination can show the presence and severity of your condition
  • Your doctor may review the history of your overall health condition to help pin-point the cause of your Dry Eyes
  • You may likely undergo a test that evaluates how quickly your eyes produce tears.
    • In this test, strip of papers are place on the edge of your eyelid and your doctor measures that amount of strip soaked by your tears in five minutes
  • Some other tests may make use of special diagonoticdyes such as flourescein, which makes your tear film visible to the doctor for examination of your eye’s surface condition and how long it takes before your tears evaporates.
Schirmer’s Paper Test for Dry Eye

How to Treat Dry Eyes

You are always advise to see a professional (an eye doctor) and follow religiously the recommendation to treat your dry eye. Such professional treatments may include:

Below are some home remedies for dry eyes

  • Conscious blinking while engaged in focus-intensive activities like using the computer, driving, reading, etc.
  • Wearing wraparound eyeglasses to protect your eyes from wind and hot air
  • Avoiding smoky places
  • Eat (naturally) oily fish
  • Stay hydrated
  • Including humidifiers in your spaces
  • Wash crusty lashes
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